Make good governance your competitive advantage with Agora

Your best engineers should be working on your protocol. Use Agora to deploy the best end-to-end governance system without writing a single line of code.

Top protocols choose Agora to move their goals forward

1. Secure decentralization

Agora help you decentralize progressively, while avoiding technical and social risks

2. Community-led growth

Use Agora's ecosystem growth tooling to turn your community into champions for your protocol's growth.

Agora helped the Optimism collective's Token house allocate funding towards its long term goals with multiple choice voting.
Justine H. – Head of Governance at Optimism
Agora has helped Uniswap increase both the number and quality of delegates contributing to protocol governance, namely through a campaign redistributing 8M+ UNI to delegates
Devin Walsh – Uniswap Foundation Executive Director
Agora helped us migrate our governance from mainnet to our rollup, reducing cost of voting and increasing participation.
Michael Spain – Lyra Co-Founder
Agora has been an incredible partner in driving’s progressive decentralization roadmap.
Mike Silagadze – CEO

Get the most battle-tested governor

The Agora governor is based on OZ governor, the standard trusted by the top protocols to secure tens of billions of value. With Agora, you get all the battle-tested properties of OZ gov – and access to a powerful suite of advanced features without writing a line a code.

600k+ votes cast on Agora governor

Votes cast on Agora

103k users using Agora monthly

Users using Agora monthly

Agora is designed to scale with your needs

Start simple, and add powerful features via additional modules as your community grows.

Role management lets you give the right permissions to the right stakeholders

Grant the right parties the right permissions and checks and balances by managing who can propose, veto, or execute specific functions.

Leverage our powerful delegation tools to activate your large tokenholders

Agora lets your largest token holders easily engage in governance via delegation while remaining secure and compliant.

Use proposal types to make the simple stuff easy, while keeping high stake changes difficult

Major protocol upgrades shouldn’t run through the same process as funding a small grants program. With Agora, they won’t.

Agora works out of the box with all tools your community and investors love Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, Anchorage, Coinbase Custody, etc.

Agora’s governor is designed to play well with both retail investor tooling and institutional investor tooling.

Agora has every capability you need to run your protocol the way you want

Gasless voting & proposing

Agora relays makes voting & proposing free

Multiple choice proposals

Instead of Yes/No, let voters choose among options

Security council

Let multisig block or execute certain functions

Dual governance

Let multiple stakeholder groups vote

Proposal sponsorship

Allow voters to sponsor proposals for others

Staking token support

Use staked token in governance

Optimistic proposals

Allow low stake actions without a full vote

Transaction simulation

Verify a proposal before submitting


Let anyone build apps and integrations

Snapshot integration

Show and create snapshot polls on Agora

Discourse integration

Show discourse conversations for proposals

Radically transparent and aligned – Agora is the only fully MIT-licensed Open Source governance platform

Agora's software is always free to fork and deploy for any project big or small. Our goal is to create a new standard to push the industry forward.

Agora product tiers


Communities just getting started
1-click to deploy all you need to get started. No need to figure out which governor to fork and deploy and how


Growing communities with great ambitions
Agora is the most powerful and customizable framework designed to work with critical Ethereum infrastructure protocols.

Roll your own

Experimental communities who want to DIY
Agora is fully open-source. You can always fork our code and deploy your customized instance.

Your protocol is your focus. Let us help you with governance.